Woolly Scrubs Soap



A Woolly Scrub, an affordable handmade gift, is a bar of soap wrapped in wool making a soft durable casing. This soap and washcloth in one acts as a gentle exfoliant. It leave no mushy soap in your soap dish and lasts much longer.

The Wool: The fleece is washed, carded and each bar of soap is wrapped with wool and felted in place. Felting is an age-old natural process. Using soap, water and agitation, the wool is transformed into a durable casing. This wool casing shrinks as the soap is used, leaving you with a small wool pad, which can then be recycled for other uses such as a natural fiber soap dish or a scrubby for pots and pans.

The Soap: Woolly Scrub soap is an all-natural vegetable oil glycerin cream soap that will be gentle on your skin. It is made in the traditional kettle process, carefully blending palm and coconut oils for their rich, moisturizing glycerin.


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